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Festival Premium Ale

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Festival Premium Ale Festival premium ale kits use only the very highest quality liquid malts extracts (3kg per kit) and genuine brewer’s yeast strains. Festival premium ale kits also contain hop pellets and priming sugar. The hop pellets are simply added half way through fermentation infusing flavour and aroma into the finished beer. The precisely measured addition of priming sugar ensures the correct level of carbonation is achieved for each particulate style of beer.
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Better Brew Premium

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7 New Kits to Choose From Excellent Value - Makes 40 Pints Specially Selected Malt for Each Individual Kit No Coloring's Improved Yeasts Strains If we’re to attract a new generation of brewers we need to tick ALL the boxes; Simplicity, Commercial beer quality, Modern, environmentally friendly packaging, Value for money
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Make your own Sprits

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Still Spirtis 4 Litre Air Still Turbo Yeasts, Carbons & Turbo Clear Still Spirit Essences Filters, Equipment and Consumables Make your own Favorite Spirit Drinks for a Fraction of the Price

Why not Try Home brewing this Year….

The White Rose Home Brew company has been established for over 40 years in South Yorkshire we are your local specialist home brew suppliers.

You’ll find us in Goldthorpe and in the Barnsley market hall. Click here to get directions to both our shops.

We stock a wide range of beer, lager, cider, wine and other alcohol kits from the UK’s leading manufacturers such as Youngs, Muntons, Hambleton Bards and Ritchies.

When it comes to homebrew, wine making, equipment or ingredients, we have sound advice for both the novice and the experienced.

New to Home Brewing?

To make things quick, easy and simple for you we have put together some Starter Home Brew packs which include all the basics you need to get you on your way. Whatsmore, once you have got all the basics, all you need from there on in is the kit of your choice, just keep on brewing . . . !

Need Advice?

Feel free to pop into one of our shops, call or e – mail us, we were home brewing way before we opened so we have a wealth of knowledge and experience

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